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Side Games – Summer 2023

Summer 2023

SIDE GAMES is dedicated to introducing some friendly, but competitive games that you and your friends can play while golfing. The following games have many different names and rules. If you have any suggestions on games for us to publish, please mail them to Golfer’s Lifestyle Magazine.

We all try to have some fun on the golf course and most of us like to have a little wager with the players that we play with while we are out there. Obviously, everyone needs to stay within their comfort zone and not play for more than they can afford to lose. Whatever you decide on, be fair about your handicap, there is nothing more frustrating than playing with a player that says he/she needs 18 strokes and then they proceed to hit every green in two, this especially becomes evident when they hit the green on all four of the par 3s. Personally, I wouldn’t give my mother a stroke on the par 3s, but I digress.

A couple of games that I really like are Vegas and Snake, sounds like a good movie doesn’t it? Vegas is a Foursome game pitting twosome against twosome. The scoring is combined uniquely. If both players Scored a 5 on hole, their score would be 55. If one scores a 5 and the other a 3, their score would be 35, the lower number would go first. Players agree on the tee how a hole or point would and the Wins and losses are tallied at the end of the round.

Snake is for 2 or more players, this is a putting game. No gimmes are allowed. Anytime a player three Putts or worse, a specific amount of money agreed to by the players before tee off gets added to the Pot. Throughout the round, the cash keeps accumulating, and the last player to three putt pays the Players in the group whatever is in the pot.

Have some fun with these and don’t hurt each other!

Tom Poljak
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