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Side Games – Spring 2023

Spring 2023

SIDE GAMES is dedicated to introducing some friendly, but competitive games that you and your friends can play while golfing. The following games have many different names and rules. If you have any suggestions on games for us to publish, please mail them to Golfer’s Lifestyle Magazine

As the Spring season gets started, we all start thinking about how to make this year a better year as a player. As always think that it is more fun to practice with a group, whether it is just me and student or group of players. The competitive nature of things gets involved and of course, I always add a gambling aspect. Whether it is just a buck or whatever you are comfortable with, I believe that it sharpens the focus and everyone likes to have bragging rights! The game for the Spring is the 6-club challenge on the putting green. Everyone one picks 6 clubs from their bag, only 1 putter (I only say that because I know a few players that carry 2 putters) and goes to the putting green. We start with 5-footers and everyone take a swipe with each of their 6 clubs, one point for each “putt” made. From there depending on the number of players and time available, keep moving away from the hole, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet and so on. We have had games last long into the evening after the sun goes down.

The point to all of this is to have some fun, but it also teaches players a lot. You will be doing something that you usually don’t do, so you will have to figure out how to do. If you picked irons, do you hit the ball on the face or leading edge, some with driver, hybrid, 3wood etc. Except for the putter, you will have to do something to manipulate the clubs to make the ball roll like a putt. The game teaches you clubface control, speed control, distance control, all of the things needed to be a good putter. Because the other clubs are the putter, you will be freed up to make a different swinging motion that you do with your putter and you may find a different feel and different way to move you putter to make more putts. Happy practicing!

Tom Poljak
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