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Side Games – Fall 2023

Fall 2023

SIDE GAMES is dedicated to introducing some friendly, but competitive games that you and your friends can play while golfing. The following games have many different names and rules. If you have any suggestions on games for us to publish, please mail them to Golfer’s Lifestyle Magazine.

Golfers are always looking for betting games to “enhance” their rounds and some say their concentration. Some players play junk games like, snakes, greenies, barkies, carties etc. Some players I play with need a tablet and pencil to keep track of all of their side games during play. Murphy’s is a game that you can play when you miss a green. Simply agree to play Murphy’s and agree on a dollar amount for points. When you feel like you can get up and down in two, call Murphy and try your best. Up and down is 2 points, not getting up and down is -2, a chip in is worth 4 points.

Playing this game will be a great way to work on your short game, gain some confidence and make some extra cash as you get better.

Tom Poljak
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