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Side Games – Spring 2022

Spring 2022

SIDE GAMES is dedicated to introducing some friendly, but competitive games that you and your friends can play while golfing. The following games have many different names and rules. If you have any suggestions on games for us to publish, please mail them to Golfer’s Lifestyle Magazine.

We are all looking for ways to spice up our game and ways to help add excitement and focus while playing. Everyone has that one player that tells everyone else, we need to have a little something on this, it helps me focus. Some guys get carried away and want to bet on everything.

So for our purposes here, we are only suggesting games that will help liven up your rounds with some competitiveness and some smack talking. Wagers should never be at a place to make your partners uncomfortable and not wanting to join your foursome anytime soon. It is often said that matches are decided on the first tee, before the opening shots are even struck. We’ve all been a part of such lop-sided affairs, when it quickly becomes clear that one side simply does not stand a chance! So pay attention even when you are just in the process of setting up the bet. The game for the spring is called by some as Dakota. This is a 2 vs. 2 game, team scores are marked for the bet as double-digit numbers. So, let’s say that you make a 4 and your partner makes a 5, that counts as a 45 for your team. If your two opponents, make a 5 and a 6 their score is 56. The difference between 45 and 56 is 11, so 11 points is the number of points your side would win. Things get interesting when there is a birdie made. In the case of a birdie, the opponents’ score inverts, with the higher digit going first, so let’s say with the previous case, the 56 turns into a 65. The difference is then 20, which is a bigger win. Try this one out, make the dollar number per point manageable and have a great time!

Tom Poljak
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