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18th Annual Father Son Golf Classic – The Results

Summer 2024

The 18th Annual Father & Son Golf Classic took place on Father’s Day this year at one of the country’s premier golf resorts, Nemacolin Resort. The weather was perfect, and the conditions at Mystic Rock were absolutely immaculate.

This year’s event began with a bit of drama. George Gaydosh, our winning father, received a call from his son Grant, who wasn’t feeling well. Needing a replacement, he turned to his daughter Lindsey. She agreed to fill in, had an official handicap, and was eligible to compete for the trophy. Lindsey not only participated but helped secure the victory. “I’m glad a female finally won so we could prove that indeed we do allow females to play,” joked Tom Poljak, publisher of Golfer’s Lifestyle Magazine and event coordinator.

Nearly forty players participated in this year’s event, including six Nemacolin members. “We had a great turnout for our first year at Nemacolin,” said Poljak. “Due to the increased popularity of golf, we had to switch to a private 36-hole facility, and Nemacolin was the obvious choice. Although the event was more expensive than in previous years, we ran out of more economical options. Nemacolin allowed players to experience this incredible property, which is only accessible to resort guests or members, and we are extremely grateful for their hospitality.”

Each team of two could choose to play for fun, hitting their own balls, participating in a 2-person scramble, or competing for the trophy. To qualify for the championship, an official USGA Handicap was required. All championship participants competed under the rules of golf in a better ball format. “We had some competition this year, but fun was had by all. The event is more about enjoying time with a father figure or child in your life, and having it on Father’s Day was a bonus,” added Poljak.

This was the first time in 18 years that Mitchell Poljak couldn’t join Tom Poljak for the event. “Mitchell couldn’t be here this year because he chose this weekend to propose to his longtime girlfriend Mackenzie. I missed having my son with me, but gaining a new daughter made it a wonderful Father’s Day,” said a happy Poljak.

If you’re interested in participating in next year’s event, please visit next spring for details.

Congratulations to the 2024 Tournament Winners, George & Lindsey Gaydosh!

Tom Poljak